Pilates Benifits – 5 Reasons Why You Have To Join Pilates Studio

If you are among the 80 per cent using natural medicines and treatments such as naturopathy, yoga and Pilates to improve your health, prepare for a shock.

In recent years Pilates has become increasingly popular among celebrities, athletes and regular people alike. But more than just a fitness fad, Pilates is here to stay

Pilates Studio

You will become stronger from head to toe

Pilates movements are often slow and purposeful. This targets muscles from head to toe, including smaller muscle groups that are often overlooked in strength workouts. But more than just building lean definition, Pilates also engages the body’s connective tissues (such as your ligaments and tendons), making you truly stronger all over.

More Endurance, Better Performance

Practicing Pilates or yoga will definitely enhance your endurance so you can improve your workout in the gym, lift heavier weights or add more repetitions, and work longer aerobically. In Pilates and yoga you perform poses and exercises which require you to hold yourself in challenging positions which increases endurance and concentration. Using the same principles during a gym workout will help to gain better strength and ability.

More Energy

After any great workout, you feel little tired and want to rest.

Pilates is designed to energize you with a combination of some breathing and strength training exercises.

After a few sessions, you will feel an overall increased energy. It is because your most important part of the body is conditioned.

A stronger core will always keep you more energized and take some pressure off your back.

No matter how you entered your session you will leave feeling invigorated! Because it’s all about quality over quantity you move the entire body around in a one hour session. Never over doing any one exercise or part of the body. Leaving you feeling strong and ready to take on what’s outside the Pilates studio.

Pilates studio

Sharpens Focus

The key to a job well done is always your focus.

A sharp focus helps you do the work with more productivity and better results. Same goes for Pilates, a conscious effort to focus is required.

It helps you practice focus. Practicing focus is powerful when you engage your breathing, body tension and a conscious mind.

Pilates teaches you to combine multiple exercises and attain laser focus.

Whatever you’re dealing with outside of Pilates will disappear! You cannot think about your to do list, your job or that nasty email you just got and do Pilates. To do Pilates correctly you can only be thinking about what’s moving where and moving!


If You Have Osteoporosis

If you have osteoporosis, many of the Pilates exercises are “contra-indicated,” meaning they could cause more harm than good. An instructor certified in a program like Rebekah Rotstein’s Buff Bones might be the ticket, as it combines bone-strengthening techniques with alignment and balance exercises. Ask if the studio also offers physical therapy, or receives referrals from physical therapists, which is an indication that the trainers can provide you with additional resources or instruction in addressing your physical concerns.

Finally, finding an instructor who feels right, someone who you can trust and connect with, is essential. Moreover, after taking a class, “Trust how your body feels. When you’re done with your workout, you should feel good. Worked, but supported and stronger,” Riley says.

When practiced safely and correctly, with an expert instructor, Pilates “is perfect form of exercise for people even into their 90s,” adds Riis Stemmler

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