Looking to sweat ? New Pilates Class opening in Waynesville

There are many exercise programs that help improve physical fitness and provide multiple health benefits. Exercise formats like aerobics, weight training, strength training, Pilates and yoga all provide different benefits. All exercises are designed to provide any or all of the four basic things; endurance, balance, flexibility and strength.

Aerobics tests your endurance and focuses on increasing your heart rate for a healthy body. Yoga focuses on flexibility and improving balance. Whereas weight and strength training mainly focuses on improving muscle strength.

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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise form which is similar to yoga but with more focus on core strength. It involves movements that improve endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. It is a low impact exercise which focuses on technique rather than a number of reps. Pilates focuses on building core strength, balance and proper alignment.

Joseph Pilates developed this exercise form in the 20th century. Pilates is hence named after its creator. It has been practiced by millions of people since then. Pilates provides a number of health and physical benefits and improves the sense of well-being.

Pilates is popular among people who like to challenge themselves. It requires a considerable amount of control as the movements are very precise. The movements test your balance, flexibility. Although Pilates focuses more on core, abdominal and pelvis strengthening but each movement involves other muscles as well.

Pilates involves a series of movements which are performed consecutively, one after the other in controlled fashion. All the movements must be done by the book with correct posture and alignment to reap the full benefits of the exercise.

Pilates Equipment
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Pilates Equipment

Pilates does not usually require any equipment other than a floor mat. There are Pilates machines available called reformers. It is an equipment which provides added resistance in the workout.

If you do Pilates at home follow a Pilates DVD workout program for correct posture, alignment and technique. The guide will help you understand the movements better. If you are attending a Pilate’s class, your trainer will help you correct your posture.

Further you can choose group or even a private Pilate class to help master the technique. A typical Pilate’s class is 45 mins long.

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is known for providing several benefits. It is an exercise form that involves both mind and body. Proper movement and technique involved in this physical fitness system is crucial. Some of the benefits of this amazing workout routine: Core Strengthening, Flexibility , Complete Mind-Body Workout, Less Injuries, Toned muscles, Maintains Posture.


New Pilates studio opening in Waynesville

Sanctuary7 Pilates Studio in Waynesville will host a free Pilates machine class and Pilates mat class on Saturday, March 16 as part of their grand opening. The machine class takes place at 9:30 a.m. and the mat class takes place at 11 a.m.

Sanctuary7 Pilates Studio is located at 110 Depot Street in Waynesville. To reserve a space in the class, call or text 828-788-6043.

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